Final conference Brussels 30/06/2011

The G4V consortium is adopting a holistic European approach to analyse in detail the impact of a mass introduction in order to optimise the grid infrastructure and make use of the inherent opportunities this represents for the operation of smart grids and energy efficiency.

Within 18 months, the G4V has developed an analytical framework to plan the required technological developments in the grid infrastructure and the defined the related ICT and policy requirements in order to cope with a mass introduction of EVs.

An overview of the main results, conclusions and recommendations was given at the final conference, which took place 30th of June in Brussels.

Detailed program of the event: Download

Presentations (per session) of the final conference in Brussels 30/06/2011:

Session 0 - Introduction: Download

Session I - Assumptions and basic scenarios: Download

Session II - Impact of Electromobility on Electricity networks: Download

Session III - Business-Economic environmental and societal implications for electromobility: Download

Session IV - The G4V roadmap: Download