Objectives of the project

G4V Vision

Electricity grids of the future will supports customer at every point of interest. Independently of the location, time and power request the customer will be served like his situation asks for (e.g. minimum mileage request, tariffs, location etc.). Therefore the grids are smart enough to tackle the conflict of an grid owner between huge investment into conventional assets (cables, transformers etc.) and artificial intelligence for innovative grid operations to supports millions of mobile customers (EVs and PHEVs). Furthermore the electricity infrastructure, with the support of the automatic communication with the car, will ensure:

G4V Mission

The project will provide a set of recommendations which will help to evolve the European power grids to an intelligent power system which can serve an educed mass market of EVs and PHEVs in whole Europe. With this physical "backbone" several stakeholders could offer their customers individually different kind of services and products.